William Bain Cormack

William Bain Cormack Born February 21, 1902, Died May 17, 1960
James Elliot Cormack

Mother-Margaret Bain Mowatt (raised William by herself according to Sheila) Photo of Margaret at St. Mawes Hotel

Father- James Cormack, Photo of James (Said by Uncle Elliot to have died when WBC was 4 years old, 1906)

Transcription of Legal Documents and Loans compiled by Grand MacDonald Feb 21, 2003 From the Sasine Registers

William Bain and his Brother James Elliot about 1904

Sugar Mills Seized (direct link to article)

Written History from 1957

Description written by his son William from Brazil on June 8th, 2001 in an email

Hello to you both from James William Hossack Cormack, born October 6,1933. I can confirm that my father was William Bain Cormack and that his mother`s maiden name was Margaret Hossack Bain. My father`s father died when he was about 8 years old. I don`t ever recall his having mentrioned his father`s name as there was evidently a good deal of resentment over his being left in the hands of a foster father he detested to the point of climbing up on the roof and throwing rocks down at the old man. W.B.C> was born in Wick around the turn of the last century and majored in sugar agriculture at the University of Edinburgh, from where he graduated about 1920 with first and second class honors. He alos was a piper in the first Highland Division. He had a brother named James who died of T.B. when he (the brother) was around 21years old. Margret was still alive in 1932, when WBCand mother Genevieve (American) went to meet her on their honeymoon aboard the Beringeria.
I don`t know much else as WBC seldom talked about his youth except to say that his nickname was ``Callie``, which I doubt will be of much help. In any event, I recall we had a visit from a cousin named James Cormack who either was or had been the Canadian Trade Comissioner.
I`m sorry not to have been much help on these names, but it is possible that my brother John Elliot Cormack could provide some more details, as he was in the States and close to them in their retirement years, and as he buried them, he must have some pretty good documents. In any event, keep me posted,

Love to all,