Genevieve Elizabeth Cunningham

Genealogy of Genevieve Cormack MS Excel Spreadsheet, Web Page Format

Genevieve Elizabeth Cunningham Cormack Born November 9, 1911, Died September 30, 1982 (Obituary)
Last Residence: 03458 Peterborough, Hillsborough, NH , Social Security Number 015-32-4060

James Hugh Cunningham.

This excerpt sent in by Patricia Cunningham on Sept 3rd 2003
My father James Hugh Cunningham was born on July 9, 1907(Quincy/MA), maried my mother Maria Teresa Monteiro.
Cunningham (born on August, 02, 1914; Recife/Brazil) on Feb. 14 1948. They died respectevely December 2, 1998 in Rio de Janeiro of an heart attack, and my mother 21 Setember, 1999 during a heart surgery. Both were cremated. I loved them very much and we got along very well, so it very sad being without them. I don't have brothers or sisters, just cousins, 14 in the brazilian side, and 5 the american one. I was born in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil on May 06 19xx but I have double citizenship (USA/BRA). I am single.



Submitted by John Elliot Cormack Sept 9th 2003
My Uncle Bob (Robert Grey Cunningham) married May Muse, R.N. (from Nova Scotia).
He had two sons: Robert G. Cunningham, Jr. and James Muse Cunningham.

Robert G. Cunningham, Jr. married Charlene and had Robert G. Cunningham, III, Jaimee, and Terry.

Robert G. Cunningham, III married Stephanie and they have no children.
Jaimee married K. Rutlo and they have two daughters

James Muse Cunningham married Grace and they have no children.

Mother-Frances (Fannie) Orange Grey Cunningham born April 16, 1883, Died November 15, 1959
Father-John Patrick Cunningham Born October 20, 1877 , Died in October 13, 1960

Professional Resume of Son James H. Cunningham's
Married October 22, 1904

Note of Encouragement to Wully (from Genevieve to her husband William (affectionately nicknamed "Wully")
In 1956 WBC became General Manager of the Guantanamo Sugar Company when Mr. Crosby retired.
He had been the Assistant General Manager of the Co. Click Here to see scan of actual note

The Poetry of Genevieve Elizabeth Cunningham