Percy Stenholm


Percy came to Austrailia on the HMAS Balranald in 1926 (he celebrated his 21st birthday on the ship) and it shipped into Melbourne, Victoria. Percy married Linda on February 29th, 1936 (Linda used to say that she only had an anniversary every four years!) in Australia and had three sons. From there he appararently made his way up to New South Wales, somewhere west of Gunnedah and did some Jackarooing work before meeting and marrying Linda..

Percy worked as a painter for many years - painting houses, but he was also an artist in his spare time. Tania reports having some lovely paintings at home that he did. Paul, his son, said he did some commercial art training or something when he was in London.

Percy went to World War 2 after Uncle Carl was born and was a prisoner for a few years before returning home and having Rodd and Paul. It was when Paul was about 22 months old (October 1949) when the family moved from their house in Gunnedah town to their property 'Portland' which was just outside of Gunnedah.

It is believed that Percy and :Linda moved back into town sometime in the 1970s.

Mother - Annie Dibb born Hull, Yorkshire - "played the piano very nicely, sewed beautifully"!

Father - Johan Stenholm born in Sweden

Carl - born June 19th, 1936. Divorced and retired, living in Gunnedah, New South Wales - has six children! Sandra, Greg, Peter, Kim, David and Lyn (most of them are married with children and live in various locations between Hervey Bay (just north of Gympie) and Newcastle (on the coast of New South Wales).
Rodney born May 25th, 1946. He lives on his own in Sunnybank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has three kids: Ben, Belinda, Michelle & Luke. Rodney is a picture framer, but has also been involved in the Cinema industry for probably 30 years
Paul - born December 26th, 1947. He works for Walker, Australia (a muffler/exhaust company in Australia) and lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with his son, Glenn (born February 23rd, 1979). He also has a daughter, Tania Stenholm, who lives in Queensland, Australia