Johan Stenholm

Mother -

Father -

Grew up in Sweden. Used to skate to school in the winter and swim to school in the summer. His father was the mayor of the town where they lived. He was also a tailor and a barbor! The population in Sweden was very scattered at that time, so they Johan's dad would take him to stay in the big houses of the wealthy where they would stay for a while to make clothes for them. Johan didn't like this - he would rather have been at school, so he used to deliberately lose his thimble! However his Dad was wise to that trick and didn't let him get away with it! Johan's mother would be left to look after the farm! Beatrice Stenholm, Johan's daughter, remembers Malmo being mentioned alot - so they may have lived near there - it is not certain.

Johan was a quiet man. When he moved to London he had a workshop around the corner from where they lived and they would make clothes for Savile Row. There was a Swedish center where he could be in touch with other Swedish folk.