Anna Campanis



1) Anna - Eldest child. Photos
a) Only Son Paul

2) Sofia and Theodoris Theodoredis (Zervou)
a) Nikos b) Andonis c) Anna
Niko is an architect in Rhodes.
Anna works for the ministry of culture in Rhodes.
Andonis lives in Rhodes

3) Zacharias and Irine (they live in Rhodes)
Photo of Zacharias, Zacharias is on the left.

4) Franzi - He came to the US and ran a pastry shop in Astoria. His wife is Lambrini and son is Nick.
Nick live in Astoria New York and has email:
Nick and I spent a very memorable few weeks together one summer as boys.
Postcard From Franzi to Anna, Manouli and little Paul in 1938 .

5) Yoannees - As described by Bill Sakellaridis a Niserian from Mandraki:
Your uncle John was a nice man like all his other Brothers.He never got married because he was waiting for his sisters first to get Married. (This was the old Nisyrian custom) He lived in the family home and he worked with his brothers Zacharia and Frantzi in their Father's bakery business.John got sick and died in the late 40's .His specialty in the bakery was making candies and he was called " Mentas " (Candy Man ).The whole family was very Religious,and your Grandfather Nikolas was saying The Apostles' Creed ( To Pistevo ) every Sunday in Church. I hope this information helps you to know your family a little more.
John (Mentas) playing the LAOUTHO (Like a Guitar).

6) Evangeline - Married Dino and had 2 children, Alkis and Irene. They run a couple of stores on Rhodes in the old city.

7) Calliope - Never married and lived with Evangeline. She had very blue eyes.

Mother-IIrene Theodoredis
Father-Nicolas Theodoredis

Family Tree